Children’s Ministry:

Children’s Church is a place for your kids to learn about God each week through arts and crafts as well as reading about God, Jesus and stories of the Bible. Children’s Church covers grades K-6 and is held each week during the sermon time. We want children to learn about God and to look to him in all things through a Bible-based curriculum.

Teen & Young Adult Ministry:

Our teens and young adults meet during the sermon time every other week to discuss Christian values, Biblical principles and how Jesus guides us in our lives today. We also gather informally for social activities and periodic drop-in events to strengthen our fellowship and welcome other friends into a network of support and encouragement.

Women’s Ministry:

Building life-changing relationships  – We like different things, we have different gifts, and we come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Come join us and make new friends as we:

  • Pray for each other
  • Talk with other women in the faith about what the Bible says to us
  • Share our doubts, our fears and our praises with each other in a way that strengthens our faith and builds bonds that last a lifetime

Seniors Ministry:

Our Seniors Ministry, also known as Forerunners from Hebrews 6:20, is designed to gather once each month in a member’s home for lunch, fellowship, and then a study an discussion of God’s word and what it means and looks like to live out the Christian life as Scripture describes.


We participate in opportunities to serve others both in our church family and our school and work communities. Our goal is to be Christ-led disciples in action, collectively and individually.

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