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  1. Cella!!!

    I just gotta love you my dear! I have to say after that message, I am truly falling in love with you for who you are and what you are doing.

    I have so much to say, let me brief it to three points:

    1. No one left behind. Small group community. You stated it as no one slips through the cracks. Thank you so much for what you and the team, including all the elders are doing. One of the six strategic themes we need to reintroduce is small group community. Every person on our roster needs to be assigned to one. Their needs are our needs, and their needs will never be forgotten.
    2. Mission-minded. Another theme. I just have to learn more about “those boys” you were referring to. I have to admit that when you spoke of Alton my tears began to flow uncontrollably (like they are now). I want to commit all resources necessary and available to that ministry. I want to meet each and every one of those young guys.
    3. A working mission statement for all of us to come together on is: Because the Father, Son, and Spirit fell in love with all humanity from the beginning of creation, we exist to help all of humanity fall in love with God.

    The fact that you spoke so eloquently to that mission, I just stand in awe.

    God is looking down (or over) to you and smiling for who you are. I am looking up to you and smiling for who you are.

    So well stated! Thank You!

    1. Thanks, Craig. Your boiling it down to three points would have been really helpful when I was working on the message. 😉

  2. Good reminder about loving the least of these not for show but serving from the heart as Jesus is our example.

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