June 20-26 Activities

June  26, 2016  

Sermon – Pastor Glen Weber

Bible Study – is on  summer break.


Activities This Coming Week – June 23, 2016

Thursday Morning Bible Study – led by Larry Omasta from 9:30-11:00 am at 1612 N. Roosevelt Ave, Pasadena.  Just finished the Gospel of John.  Taking a one week break and will begin reading the book “A More Christlike God: on June 30th.

Thursday Evening Bible Study – 7:00-8:30 pm, led by Pastor Glen.  The study is on The Lost World of Genesis One.

New Hope Choir Rehearsal is on summer break.


Save these Dates in 2016!

SEP/SoCal – July 3rd – July 9thA one-week, life-changing youth camp for youth ages 8-17.  Receive a $50 credit towards your camp tuition when you invite a friend to camp who has never been to SEP SoCal before. AND your friend will receive a $50 credit towards their account as well!

Forerunners Bible Study and Potluck – Tuesday, July 12th – 12 noon at the home of Barbara McCutchan, 196 S. Greenwood Ave, Pasadena.

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