Hebrews Initiative

Join us for the Hebrews Initiative every Sunday at 10:30AM beginning in September until November!

What is the Hebrews Initiative?

  • A 12-week experience during which a coalition of willing churches and groups will learn and embrace the principles and practices revealed in the Book of Hebrews
  • The goal is to inspire 200,000 small group members to live out their faith in a post-Christian era

Where and when will it occur?

In churches and groups worldwide in Fall 2015.

Why join the Hebrews Initiative?

  • The church of this generation was planted by God to be salt and light (Matt. 5:13 – 16) to a post-Christian people/culture.
  • The church is drifting away from the centrality of Christ and therefore is struggling to be salt and light (Hebrews 2:1).
  • The church must be redirected back to the superiority and centrality of Christ, the call to suffer for the cause of Christ, and be reminded that, no matter what the situation, we find rest in Christ.

Who is invited to join?

  • Any church or group that believes that the church is to affect the culture through the transformational power of the gospel
  • Any church or group that holds to the fact that individual believers living and sharing the gospel transforms lives which ultimately transforms culture.
  • Any church or group that longs to embrace Christ as Lord and in so doing be spiritually revitalized.

How do we get involved?

    • Churches can do a church-wide campaign. Free campaign helps are available when you join.
    • Small Groups pastors can alert their groups that the initiative is taking place and that their church applauds any group that wants to join the movement.
    • An individual group that hears about the initiative can register to be involved online.
    • A church’s small group point person can lead every group to be involved in the initiative

Review or order Bible Study Books for your group(s).

Why study the book of Hebrews?

Hebrews is a book for our time:

  • It was written to a persecuted people.
  • It was written for a church struggling to remain passionate about the gospel.
  • It elevates the superiority of Christ.
  • It reminds struggling believers that they have an advocate and brother in Jesus.
  • It urges believers to endure in the faith until Christ returns because He is returning.

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