Epic Story July 19 – August 23

Come participate in the Epic Story each Sunday between now and August 23 at New Hope!

The Epic Story, the mind-boggling metanarrative of the Gospel, points us to the reality that God not only loves us, but takes it to another level by choosing to be in relationship with you and me.  It talks about the Trinity, the Author of the Epic Story, giving us the freedom to make meaningful choices to write into our story.  It points to the sacred redemption of our Lord and how when we make hurtful and heart-breaking decisions, it’s not the end of our story nor the sum of our identity.  It also urges us to choose relationship with the Father; to  walk and abide with Jesus which gives meaning to the here-and-now, a redemptive lens to view our suffering and the hopeful expectation for The End of our stories.

1 Heart of a Great Story

2 What’s Your Story?

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